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Eugene Bortnick

Eugene Bortnick is a realist painter, focusing on portraits and figures. He works mainly in watercolor media; however, his creativity also extends into acrylics, pastels, and oils.

His techniques, expanding beyond a particular medium, allow him the freedom to create intense personal character studies of both clothed and nude subjects, as well as situational groups. Dr. Bortnick's paintings are poignant and psychologically revealing.
Dr. Bortnick's self-confidence in painting evolved over a period of more than sixty years. As a child, his mother taught him to draw and encouraged his talents by enrolling him in The Kansas City Art Institute. His medically exacting profession as a facial plastic surgeon, along with his knowledge of anatomy and facial features, allows Dr. Bortnick to capture the precise likeness of a person and convey this into an exciting visual story of a particular personality.
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