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Eugene achieved Signature Membership status in The Kansas Watercolor Society in June 2004, as he had been accepted into three KWS juried exhibitions. In the most recent exhibition, the 2004 KWS Great 8 Exhibition Eugene’s painting, Gallery Window Madison Avenue received the Darrell Ferguson Memorial Award. From over 400 works entered, only 80 were selected for this exhibition.
Madison Avenue
Gallery Window Madison Avenue

The judge for the exhibition was John T. Salminen from Duluth, Minnesota. Mr. Salminen, best known for his realistic urban landscapes, is a signature member of The American Watercolor Society.

Birmingham Watercolour Society The Birmingham Watercolour Society, founded in 1907 in Birmingham, England accepted Eugene as an international member in September 2004. This society is one of the oldest and most prestigious societies in the UK, and membership is by election and selection in the case of international members.
The BWS has for almost one hundred years elected into its ranks only those who aspire to the highest skill levels in the watercolour medium. Eugene is proud and pleased to be an international member of this society.
Eugene's painting, Maine Fisherman was selected by Mark English for Jurors Choice Award for The 2005 Art At The Center Juried Exhibition.
Maine Fisherman
Maine Fisherman

Mr. English is recipient of over a hundred awards from arts organizations nationwide, including "Artist of The Year" by the Artist Guild of New York. The complete exhibition can be viewed on the City Web Site.

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