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Fairway Grille Eugene’s work entitled Fairway Grille won third place out of 280 entries representing 19 states in the Merriam Parks and Recreation Heartland Artist Exhibition 2002.
Fairway Grille  
This same work was purchased and displayed by Houston’s Restaurant, Inc. Fairway Grille on Display
On Display at the Restaurant
The Junior Women’s Symphony Alliance, which has successfully raised money for The Kansas City Symphony for 33 years, has always included Eugene’s work in their silent auctions. Artists are asked to select a musical instrument and create a work of art with it, thus the name Musical Masterpieces.
The Business Committee For The Arts, Inc., a national non-profit organizationfounded in 1967 by David Rockefeller, invited Eugene to display four of his paintings in an exhibition featuring the work of executives from across the country. This event took place September thru October 2002, at The Forbes Gallery, New York, N.Y.
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