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In 1997, Dr. Bortnick exhibited in the 14th Annual Art in the Woods '97, sponsored by Overland Park Arts Commission and Corporate Woods and juried by noted artist, educator and critic, Rackstraw Downes.
Briana II art exhibit Briana with Cap
Briana II   Briana with Cap

In May of 1999, Eugene again received the Juror's Choice award during the 16th Annual Gallery Exhibition of Art in the Woods by M. Stephen Doherty, editor-in-chief of both AMERICAN ARTIST and WATERCOLOR magazines.

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The R.G. Endress Gallery featured 50 of Dr. Bortnick's paintings during 1999 when the Prairie Village Arts Council hosted a one-man show of Eugene's work.
Watercolor Magazine

Watercolor magazine

Watercolor Magazine
Lisa in White Gown   Claudia with Dreadlocks
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